Air miles are points that you accumulate in a variety of ways, especially with credit card purchases. These points are part of airline loyalty programs, below we will explain everything about how to earn airline miles!


How to earn air miles?

There are several ways to earn miles as it is an interesting way to travel cheaper and even win prizes. Today you can accumulate by buying with a credit card while maintaining a good relationship with the airlines. There are companies that have their own credit card (which can be used as a regular credit card in your purchases). However, in these you earn more miles than on cards sent by your bank.

This is a cheap and simple way to take advantage of exclusive promotions. Low seasons are even better, as you enjoy more attractive tickets and accommodations. Keep an eye on the airlines; 


Earn Credit Card Miles

Check with your credit card issuer for which miles programs you can earn points for. Most of them have more than one miles program, which allows you to choose which company can earn the most! Many people choose to buy on credit alone, so they earn more miles and travel can even go free.


What is the best credit card to earn airline miles?

Here we separate major Credit Cards for you to earn your miles, redeem for products or even services!


Earn miles with travel or points program

Each airline has its own points program and every time you travel, you get a return on those point trips. Browse the website of the airline miles program you use the most and enjoy! In addition to traveling with discounts or even for free, you have advantages to better seats on the plane, boarding first (in some cases), discounts on car rentals, hotels and restaurants.

In addition, miles can be purchased and saved, they do not expire (unlike travel miles, for example).


How to travel with miles?

If you decide to earn miles for air travel, check the airline’s website and the points program it works with. The best way to do this is to see your credit card with your credit card program. So your purchases become points! When you already have a miles program, you can see not only the tickets, but also the hotels and car rentals for your trip. But beware: your miles have an expiration date, so keep an eye out and don’t miss a thing.


Where can I use my miles?

The main use for their miles is airline tickets, airlines make special promotions for those who have accumulated miles. Keep an eye on the low seasons and the packages offered, most of the time you get a good discount or even travel for free! But how do you buy miles tickets? Each airline has a website for you to manage your miles and redeem them for tickets or products. After choosing the best airline miles program, you direct your credit card points and redeem for miles. With a certain number of miles the airline makes the promotions available to you.

Doubts? We are available to help you find the best credit card and ensure the best perks!

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